national home inspector exam

Does anyone have advice on what best to study for the national home inspector exam in Indiana, has anyone recently passed or failed?

Yup, you should know all this stuff before you elect to enter this and any field of employment.

No studying or advise necessary to take the test.

Your a member here. There is about 3 years of educational material for you to work with. Get at it…

Now Dave… according to his MB info, he’s been (a student) here since Aug. 2004 (a year longer than you). I shirley think he knows his carp by now?

My humble apologies my dear friend and comrade Jeffery. I should have researched this information before I haphazardly to replied to this post. My Bad!

I really appreciate you bringing this to my attention and will attempt behavioral modification techniques in the near future…

…just don’t hold your damn breath!

I just joined this site about a week ago

Code check books are good learn the diagrams

Fill out your profile so we know who you are.

Based on your experience, get to work on NACHI training where your lacking.

You can not study for this exam. There is crap in there you never heard of. Your not expected to get 100%.

In most of these cases, you need to be able to think through the question and select the best answer. You can only do this if you know the industry.

Have you fulfilled these requirements required by Indiana** Professional Licensing Agency?**](

If you have, unless the education provider you chose sucks, that should be all you need to pass the NHIE.

Note: That doesn’t necessarily mean that’s all you need to perform an adequate home inspection.

I passed the home inspector course at purdue university and studied the book principles of home inspection. I scored 495 on the exam and am taking it again Tuesday. I will work on filling out my profile.

Try this.

Ultimate State/Municipality Exam Prep course

Curious what’s the passing score? I took and passed the NHIE for Illinois several years ago but they didn’t tell me my final score, only pass or fail.

Then I recommend you contact Nachi staff to correct your account before you are accused of hacking the site and are terminated!

I’ve seen this Many time before, where date/year joined was off, often many years off. I started thinking Nachi does this intentionally.

500 is passing I scored 495

The join date displayed on the message board is the day you registered to use this message board. You or someone using your current email address registered to use this message board back in 2004.

The date you joined InterNACHI is something different and is found by looking at your InterNACHI ID# backwards: InterNACHIYYMMDDxx.

This is a misconception. If you break down the required hours into the subject matter it quickly becomes obvious that we are only teaching the very basics of each subject.

Maryland requires 72 hours of classroom training broken down into specific subjects. Plumbing is 6 hours, electrical is 7 hours, structure is 9 hours, etc.

No instructor can prepare a student to pass the national exam within those time frames. Take plumbing as an example, you have the potable water system, back-flow devices, hot water, drain waste and vent, gas piping and some basic well info.

Apparently that depends on the instructor and/or course. And of course previous knowledge of home construction fundamentals.

All I took to prepare for the NHIE was a 60 hour home study course, with 10 of those being live classroom. I passed the NHIE at the first attempt.

That indicates to me you had a good working knowledge of the systems to begin with. I have experienced students that don’t know the very basic terminology needed to understand the subject matter.