National Radiator Company

Can anyone date this, I have never seen one of these before. Thanks

Model H-204
S/N n60067

DSCN1565 (Small).JPG

DSCN1562 (Small).JPG

That oil burner looks 1960’s vintage compared to one I had in the first house I bought.

Here’s the info I found:

Acquired by Crane in 1960.

Stopped making HVAC products in 1968. Furnace technology sold to Amana.

Formerly a division of Raytheon, now part of Goodman Manufacturing.

Goodman: First two digits of the serial number are the year. Second two are the month.
Btu rating is model number…ie; GMP075-3 (75,000 bonnet input)
Compressor is same :serial # 9709088872 (yr1997 wk 09) Tonnage is model # CK361C The first two numbers after the CK (letters) divided by 12 is tons. ie: 36 div by 12= 3 tons.

you might find out, from the serial numbers on the burner, Although many boilers burners where changed to a more efficient ones in the 70’s and eighties . it is probably more that 20 years or more . i would just say it is likely past its useful life, due to efficiencies and age.and refer it to a qualified contractor.

I did call out for replacement due to the fact that the boiler jacket was broken and sitting in the combustion chamber which was cracked and the door was cemented on with a piece of wire, not to mention when they did replace the burner they removed the original door and replaced it with a piece of tin, looked like a ceiling tile, the whole thing glowed when I ran the boiler. Oh and on top of that the asbestos!!!

I was just curious of the date, thought it was older than the 60s but maybe not.

Found this Peter that might indicate how long ago it was.
I came across one of those about five years ago. It was stripped of insulation and converted to oil from it’s original coal and wood burning design.
House was built in 1865, but never found out how old the furnace was. :slight_smile:

The National Radiator Company produced a large variety of radiators, as well as residential and commercial boilers and fittings for the plumbing and heating trade. In 1926, a company office building was erected at 221 Central Avenue; that building is now Cambria Rowe Business College. By 1938, the company had 461 employees. In the 1940s, however, radiant heat was becoming less popular and by the 1950s National Radiator merged with several other companies to survive. By 1961, the company was sold to SCM Metals Corp. But radiators manufactured by the National Radiator Company are still in use in houses all over Johnstown.

lol i should have said 40 or so i forgot it is 2009, Old age i guess . Still living in the 80’s :wink:
sounds like it was a gem of a find

Time goes by quick doesn’t it!!!

My guesstimate is around the 30’s