It is that time of year again

Over the last few weeks I am having more and more Inspection delays due to winterization of the property.

Just a reminder for you guys living in areas that actually have seasons to ask clients if utilities are on.
Sure slows the process but I tell them to go back to the Agent and have them make arrangements.

Very rare to not get called back and they get a better inspection. Extensions are always granted from what I can tell since it is reasonable as having gas in a car for a test drive.

Thanks for the reminder Bob, but that is a* standard* question no matter what time of year it is. :wink:

Might be different in your area Jeff but around here they seem to just leave the water on during the summer more often while now it is turned off with the colder weather.

Perhaps I should have left it as “Chicago Only”.

At least you are getting calls.

Slow time of year for me between Thanksgiving and the week before Christmas.

Have several calls the last couple days and had to send all back to the Agent.
I used to book them and offer to come back but that simply wastes time of all involved.

Better if they can have it dewinterized first.

Why don’t you de-winterize it yourself? It’s fast, easy and gets business. I’ve been doing it for free with all home inspections. $150.00 to de-winterize alone and $200.00 to winterize alone.

You’re a “brave” inspector.



One of the fastest ways to become a former Home Inspector.:roll:

Looking at your site I would like to ask what is a basement only inspection and what does it entail?