W-M Real Estate Services

anyone do any work for these guys… walk through inspections, property preservation, drive bys?

they seem pretty tight with their fees… :roll:


What are they paying…30 bucks?

well… i got some good work from them and dragged my roofer with me and we tarped a roof (small) for 600.00 but then some work came in… $28 to change a lock hmmf… that sucks… but then to bid on the remaining work… and to facilitate my roofer (who was slow, thus working with me) we went to look, changed the lock and bid on remaining… but paperwork sux… photos required… and they dont pay above and beyond the lock change… but they want you to take photos of everything and make sure all windows and doors are locked… they ask way too much… I won’t waste my time for just a lock change. I was trying to help a buddy out but… holy crap what a waste of time on these little ones… curious if others are getting this…

I told them if they want me to change a lock for 28, fine… if i can sneak it in I will… but dont ask for more if you are not willing to pay… dont ask me to check the sump pump or evaluate the heating system IF it needs thawing or winterize to BID… because I am doing a service by letting you know the condition… pay me for it!

fool me once… LOL