Natl. Exam

Whoa, I studied like a mad man for 2 months and failed my first attempt at the National Exam. I purchased exam prep questions, and several study exams, in addition too the 2000+ test prep questions on Nachi. I clearly wasn’t prepared for the “big” test. I scored 433 (need 500) to pass. out of the 21 sections I failed 6 of them and passed 15 of them mostly 90+ on the passed ones. But man some of the others … Back to the studying board… expensive fail at 225.

What were the 6 sections that you failed?

Site conditions, Building Exterior Components, Cooling Systems, Fireplace & Chim systems, Pool and Spa systems and nonfunctioning or defective systems… geesh, I’m usually good at these National Tests. I’m an Advanced EMT and pass that national test, but uggghhhh this one… not really complaining and actually now that I know what I have to focus on helps, it’s just that 2nd $225 that hurts!

Hang in there, we’re suing the EBPHI to try to shut them down. The NHIE is a bogus exam.

What was your score on InterNACHI’s Exam?

Does NH require that you take the NHIE? If not, don’t waste anymore of your money, you will need it elsewhere.

NH does, unfortunately.

my Nachi exam score was a 91

Yes, as Brian said NH does require. again, not complaining, although the test was unbelievable so much so that I guessing they gear it for failure the first time so you spend another $225 to retake. Kind of wish they would just charge $550 and give a fair test.

thanks for all your support guys, I was beginning to think maybe I wasn’t smart enough for this career! I’ll keep you posted. I have re-registered for November… stand by!

No wonder you failed the test… $225 **+ **$225 = $450 !!!