National Home Inspector Exam Questions

I recently completed a Professional Home Inspection online program. All required education hrs and practicums completed. This included doing their 200 question NHIE tests, at least 20 times, including 10 with 90% pass rate. I then took the NHIE two times and failed both by 2 points. What I found very interesting is that not many of the questions on the school quizzes were similar to NHIE. Im seeing a similar Patten on the 120 question interNACHI program. I had seen in a post that the NHIE tests that can be purchased did assist, however, their program covers 150 questions out to the “pool” of 6000… Would appreciate, suggestions and program recommendations.

NHIE exam is designed so that everyone fails at least once to allow them to collect more money.


Thanks Chris. I have heard quite a few similar comments, and tha tsome have passed first time. I admit that I attempted using one of the “you pass first time, or money back programs” prior to my first attempt. Well there were no questions in their quizz bank that even resembled what NHIE test had. Anyway, yes expect to fail first time…any suggestions to close the gap would be appricated.

Welcome Steve. Use the search option Search results for '' - InterNACHI®️ Forum and type in “NHIE or Studying For NHIE” Lots of helpful threads posted. Good Luck!!!

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Hey Steve,
I just took the test too. Luckily I passed it. But you are right. only about 10% of the practice stuff i did related to the test. Plus I bought Compucram and did that. Same thing, about 10% of the questions were relevant. Even the NHIE books don’t have everything. However they were the best source I found.

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Actually I did pass the first time, 15 years ago. But with all the complaints on here in the last few years things may have changed since then. But I did take an actual 60-hour course prior to taking the test. I didn’t rely on flash cards or practice questions.

And this was way before I even thought about joining NACHI.

One thing that I believe helped me pass the NHIE is the 60 hr course required 10 hrs of live classroom, And pass a final proctored exam at the end of those 10 hrs.

The exam was one of the craziest I had ever taken. With the questions worded very differently and all had at least two answers that were very similar, but only one was correct.
Same as the NHIE. Actually the classroom final exam was harder, to me.

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Hello Chris, great job on getting through 1st time.

Yes on both occasions I have written, many questions with 2 similarly correct answers, followed by a question that is worded ever so slightly differently and same answers…one wonders, with a test questioning process like this AND massive focus on keeping it simple in our reporting so client can understand, what are the question creators trying to do. I see this a placing doubt in your thinking ability. Yes, out in the field is where it really matters and this come with experience and exposure. Sorry for off load. Anyway some useful observations, encouragement and guidance from the responses. I’ll keep moving forward. Take care.

Thanks Pat, have heard the NHIE books are also representative of the testing. I’ll seek out a set. Take care

Thank you Thomas, I’ll research tomorrow.