Natural Gas Line in Fireplace

I ran across this yesterday. This only the second time in four years I’ve seen this. It’s a natural gas line installed in a wood burning fireplace. It’s used to “help” get the fire started. It’s a homeowner installed special. I can flag this because there aren’t any safety controls on it. A kid could turn the valve for this gas line, walk away, and maybe the house blows up. Can anyone give me more reasons why this is dangerous? Is this common anywhere in the country?

gas line.jpg

manual ignition is very common around here on masonry WBF and tin can faux log units
“licensed plumber installed” (not home owner special) ignition pipe in the firebox with a removable keyed gas valve
remove the key and place where children can’t use, problem/concern solved

where do you live that these aren’t common?

Common here too.

I live in North Carolina.