Natural Gas Saddle Valves

Does anyone know if these saddle vales can be used on gas lines. It appears like they are made for this purpose. This is the second one I have run into this year already.

Gas Saddle Valve.jpg

[FONT=Verdana]They might be approved for some areas .I understand some places allow them outside .I would be extremely careful and write this up hard .recommend immediate further evaluation by a qualified person
I have no love for them

I should think they are a bad idea as they depend on a gasket to seal it and if you look at any flex connection never find a soft gasket.
The saddle valve is dependent on drilling a smooth hole and buffing the area to which it is attached.

If the pipe is a soft metal such as copper it can become deformed as you tighten the lock nuts on each side plus if one side is tighter then it is not balanced pressure which can invite leakage.

P.s two different kinds of metal (figure the rest)

They are allowed by the CA Codes, but must also be approved by the AHJ.

So that’s a valve that is tapping into the original pipe to supply a new appliance?

Yes and much like what you see being used for humidifiers and fridge waterlines.

There are two types for water .
One is used for copper and self taps while the other kind requires a pre drilled hole and is used for Galvanized for instance.

Both kinds utilize a rubber gasket to create the seal.

Have installed 100’s myself and have found leaks on many old ones or observed them as bad from the tap hole plugging up to the self tap breaking off during install.

The home was built in 1990. There was no Natural gas at that time. I am assuming it was tapped at some point after the original gas lines were installed, at what time is anyone’s guess.
The reason I ask is because I am unfamiliar with them. It does feed the replacement furnace.

Def go over it with a Tiff and recommend replacement .

Not allowed in MA … Because the risk of leakage is high especially as time goes on and the sealant breaksdown … I would write it up, reason being "excellent potential for gas leak, explosion, and loss of life hazard. Strongly recommend replacement with permanent mechanical fitting by a licensed gas fitter. That’s me though. Client safety comes first!

write it up in concern column, and recommend local gas company to check, would even follow up, to see if gas company did, do not want it to bit me in the___,later down the road !