Self-Piercing Saddle Valves

How many of you note self-piercing saddle valves on water supply lines in your report?


Never did not leaking no concern.
I am more concerned on the plastic pipes feeding the toilets and sinks .
Know of two that let go and did a lot of damage to the home .
They owners had to move out for over three months


They are not allowed if self piercing variety vs the pre drill hole kind made for galvanized types.
I used to call out but they are so prevalent t they have become normal.
Why bother unfortunately.
Sometimes wrong becomes right.
Main concern is gasket life and warping the pipe circumference.

I call them out if they are abandoned and not permanently capped or if they are leaking. Otherwise I don’t make any note of them

Good advice.

Similar to calling out uncapped gas lines.

they are an approved item, I only note them if there is a leak, or significant corrosion

No leaky, no problemo. :slight_smile:

No as I mentioned the copper self piercing ones are not actually allowed.
Main reason is they warp the pipe and the gasket failure.

Is that a State Jurisdiction fact you are stating?

Yep ,should always look up local.
Doubt it ever gets called out much.

Plumbers union is strong here.

The Internachi Plumbing CE course also says they can move out of alignment. I can see that happening fairly easy being located under sinks and in basements, they can get bumped.

And why would this

be any different than a bigger version of water mains in the street?


Because the pipe and saddle are much sturdier Marcel.

Been dealing with saddles for years and they can cause issues .
Often the pierce pin breaks of and screws it up,they get twisted as mentioned ,overtightened causes the copper to warp (copper is soft Marcel) and the gasket leaks as well.
I doubt you should compare a cheap manufactured toy part to a large professional plumbing component.
Apples and Oranges.

When installing 1/4 inch copper for waterlines and Humidifiers it is always best to use a 3 way.

they are the norm here…

Yeah the sell them at Home Depot next to the white vinyl dryer vents.
Have installed hundreds of them in the past and see them all the time here as well.

Must admit I leave it be unless they look to have issues which I see often enough.(leaking).

It’ funny how the ones I seen here are not a problem, maybe it was the installer.
I am not comparing oranges to apples, I am comparing the same application, design concept.

You only have one guy that installed all you have seen Marcel ?

Maybe the plumbers around here are better plumbers. :mrgreen:

Let the old man give a little history about saddle valves. When I first took note of a saddle valve they were called four-in-one valves because they had a insert for different size copper lines and they were used as a temporary valve to check refrigerant in the system that did not have factory service valves such as window units, refrigerators and home type freezers. If the system was low on refrigerant due to a leak a permanent valve was installed and the saddle valve was removed and the puncture hole was brazed closed. The saddle valve was originally thought of as temporary but soon after was used for everything including water. I still think of one as a temporary valve. Do I write them up no unless they are leaking