Hello all,
While researching my purchase of an Infrared Camera I came across several web-sites for IR companies that use the technology to scan boats. Being in Nova Scotia I found this intriguing. I have no plans to work a a surveyor, I do not have the background, but I believe that this could be a great source of income.
I have recently completed my training at ITC and am looking at all the possibilities available to create income with my new camera.
Is anyone doing this type of work? If so can I get some shots to help promote this to area surveyors and boat builders.
Rick Senior
bts Property Inspections

Infraspection Institute has a new 2011 standard for inspecting fiberglass hulls. You might want to purchase a copy and read through it. There was also a presentation given at the last IR/Info in Orlando on the subject by the author of the standard. I would suggest buying a copy of the proceedings and reading them as well.

Peter Hopkins from United Infrared has done alot of boat thermal imaging. United Infrared is suppose to launch a new training module called MarineIR which is all about what your looking for.

I’m a bit interested in the boat thermal imaging market as well. I can nearly see the Great Salt Lake from my house so I was thinking there might be a market for me.

The water from the Great Salt Lake has seven times the salt content of ocean water. I’d imagine that’s gotta be rough for boat hulls and parts.

Thanks for the information.

I am looking forward to taking advantage of this technology to it’s fullest.