Near miss - fan blade shoots out of ceiling fan

A little bit of drama at this afternoon’s inspection.
I went into a bedroom and turned the fan on high to see if it would function and if there was any wobble. A few seconds it got up to full speed one of the blades shoot out and hit the wall near me. It didn’t leave too big of a mark on the drywall but it would have hurt if it hit someone.
This was one of the fans where the blade snaps into groves. The flipper apparently didn’t test the fan after installing it.
The buyer and their agent were in the next room over and came running in when they heard the bang.

Often times the blades are inadequately secured to the hub. I look for drooping blades and check for loose screws before spinning up the fan. If they’re loose at the hub , I document it as a deficiency.

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Haven’t had that happen YET! Food for thought.

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That’s a first! I had one fall out of the ceiling in a rental unit because it wasn’t mounted into a fan box. Scared the poop outta me and kinda resembled a miniature version of the Hindenburg crash, “Oh the humanity!”