Recommendations for company that build websites for home inspectors?


Maggie, Nick’s Assistant, here! I am seeking recommendations for companies that build websites for home inspectors. I receive many requests and am looking for a company that can handle a high volume of inspectors.

Thanks for the help!


Agreed 100%

Thanks all!

Nice but too pricey for 5 pages.

We think about $600 for a decent site

Wow, thanks guys! Glad so many like our work :). Dan, as for the 5 pages. We don’t enforce that too hard. I did a client with 9 or so pages a couple weeks back and didn’t charge him any extra. If people are reasonable, we like to give a bit extra :). Those prices also come with SEO and a ton of add-ons.

Tell how many pages you did for me & the cost! :wink:
BUT don’t make a habit of it.

LOL! You got the friend and family discount :). I think you have 80 pages or so

My website was designed by EZ website services. Whenever I have had questions or request editing of my website Mr. Rusty Craig has been right there with his usual expeditious support. Rusty is one of few persons I encounter who has a focus on long term service rather than short term earnings.
Rusty Craig EZ website services are second to none and highly recommended.

Regardless of who you use, make sure that as part of the written contract that you ALWAYS have complete control of your website. That means you OWN the domain and always have full access with a Master password. There have been too many instances on this message board alone from companies that have “disappeared” and access to make changes to the website for various reasons did not exist. And of course there is the “friend” that built it for nothing and doesn’t have time to correct items.

EZ website services built and maintain my website Rusty always responds quickly to my questions. Edits to my website happen quickly too. Their price is very fair and the personal service is nice. Not many companies have great customer service these days.

Contact Rusty Craig

Grassfrog Technologies LLC.

If I was starting over I would go with Ian at Full View Digital. A talented and hardworking website guy and a fine human being.

Thanks Paul :). Always great working with you, and your custom coffee roasts are great too!

I’ve been with Ian for just under two years now. My web site was designed through weebly and after letting Ian tweek it and do his magic I moved up the board and started getting solid calls. Still running slower than I would like it but that is not from what Ian is doing for me it is a strange market in central Canada sometimes. Ian and his staff know what they are doing and that counts for a lot in my books.

Thanks George :). You are always a pleasure to work with!

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Agree. Ian is awesome!