Need a Narrative

Inspected a home today. All the windows have streaks at the corners. I’m looking for a narrative and a possible explanation. Could it be just dirt, or could it be rust staining from the wire mesh under the stucco. Flashing is missing, and the window is caulked all the way around in this pic.

How about simply:
All widows show staining on the adjacent exterior walls that may indicate improper installation/water intrusion.
**call licensed contractor for further evaluation.

What kind of flashing is missing? It looks like just some dirt to me.

Deferred maintenance is what I see. This is just algae build up. I do usually recommend a little extra effort to maintain the paint finish in those areas to prevent water intrusion into the hard-coat stucco itself. If water stays inside the the stucco long enough, it will deteriorate the wire lath causing buckling and even more water intrusion.

I agree with Brad.