Need a speaker for your next chapter meeting?

*Paul W. Abernathy, Certified Master Electrician, NEC Consultant and NACHI member offering lectures to NACHI chapters. These lectures are on electrical theory and electrical inspections as it pertains to the home inspection industry.

With nearly 18 years of experience in electricity and state tested at both the Journeyman and Master level, Mr. Abernathy is also an instructor registered with Mike Holt Enterprises and teaches Electrical NEC classes within his community.

Paul is a licensed electrical contractor in Virginia and currently holds a Class B Contractors license in Electrical, Landscape, Home Improvements and Commercial Improvements under the DPOR in Virginia.

Paul was also Virginia’s youngest licensed electrician at age 17 and took 1st place in the national vica competition while he was a student instructor at Charlottesville/Albermarle Technical Education Center in Charlottesville,VA from 1986-1988.

Paul is also a Moderator at the web site ( User Name :ElectricalMan ) and currently does lectures on specific electrical topics for apprentice programs and educational guidance programs around the state.

If you are looking to have a guest speaker with years of experience who can explain code issues, explain methods of electrical inspection and many other general electrical topics consider Mr. Abernathy for your NACHI chapter and instructional needs.

Yours Truly,

Paul W. Abernathy*
NACHI Member
Master Electrician & NEC Consultant

What does it take to get Paul to speak at our chapter meeting ?
That would be at th CHI-NACHI meeting

A wing and a prayer…no just kidding…

I believe if you e-mail me with the dates and so on and send a copy to NICK as well I believe my office will set up the dates and contact you to confirm. I have instructed my office to take care of these requests to they should be e-mailed to:

if their is a specific topic on Electrical Issues you desire to have a lecture on just let me know in the e-mail otherwise it will be one of my choosing which will always relate to HI’s. I do not try to make electricians out of a 1 day lecture or guest speaking so don’t worry as I wont overwhelm ya.

Opps…actually this should help

To Schedule me as a speaker for your Chapter meetings please email with a Cc to me at


That was short lived??? What happened?


“Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives…”

Just another NACHI soap opera. :roll:

lol…Actually it is all taken care of now…NICK has posted the procedure for getting me to your chapter…contact NICK for details

Sorry to hear this Paul,

You sound like a well “grounded” individual, someone to “bond” with and speak with “intensity” (I) but since “current” situations “branch” out to different people in different ways you can act as our “receptacle” for “electrifying” concepts with out much “resistance” and any point in time considering the “frequency” of our questions we don’t mean to “Hertz” you in any way since we get kicked in the “joules” often in the "field " of “Electro Motive force” of people relying on us for answers to questions. Now I am “susceptible” to “admittance” and can “reactance” to “magnetic” “goils” but things will not “Phase” me away or “vector” from these “goils” with “shorts”. I do “gauge” people with “meters” “amp” find that “a-code-ing” to tables not all “power factors” have the “capacitance” to “arc” my “angles”…:D:D:D;-)

Am I twisted “Pair” or what?? :mrgreen:

Honestly…I am impressed…VERY NICE…You shall NOW have me speak for you…thehehehe…Your awesome electrical ramble verbage has convinced me I am needed…lol…contact NICK for details on getting me to your chapter…:slight_smile: