Thanks to Paul Abernathy!

This is a thanks to Paul. I attended Paul’s 2005 NEC Code Change Seminar this past Saturday at the Holiday Inn in Roanoke, VA at his invitation.

The course, while squished into 3 hours, had great content, was thorough, and Paul’s presentation of the material was excellent. Easy to see why he’s the “Electrical Guru”

NACHI got a great plug, about its’ members being the absolute best Home Inspectors in the industry. Paul stressed to the Electricians (all there to get their VA mandatory continuing Ed.) to view NACHI Home Inspectors as business assets - not someone to disagree with - “why challenge the guy who’s bringing you business? It just makes you both look bad.”

Without actually knowing I was in attendance, he even plugged my thermographic imaging service to this group.

Thanks Paul, :mrgreen: I already have an electrical inspection booked from that plug.

Tim Gardner
Inspecx, LLC

Thank you, Paul.

Paul’s a great guy and an asset to BOTH our “trades”. :smiley:

I want to pass this word here ., the poll in in two thumb up .,

Merci, Marc

Paul is a great source of electrical information and other areas as well. Well spoken guru he is.

I would like to also thank him for valuble info on the phone when I needed him.
Good guy.

Thanks to all these post Paul could not get his hat on and got all wet when he went outside and it raining.

lol…thanks guys…just spreading the word about a bunch of great inspectors…you are all deserving.

Tim…glad you made it, sorry i was so long winded i did not get to shake your hand in person…

Just glad i can help any of you fella’s…helping others is what it is all about.

I believe that is why Paul A. has had the privelage of this Honor.

Job well done Paul.

And finally, thanks for the patience, it is coming at you.
Checks in the Mail as they say. :smiley:

Marcel :slight_smile: