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I’m looking in to getting in to the inspection industry. I’m not sure where to start (other than here) and what I will need to do to get going.

Are there any folks from Washington State that can offer up some direction?


This is the first place to go…

The State of Washington, Department of Agriculture is just starting a push to verify compliance that all Home Inspectors are licensed as required. Here is another thread you might want to read through all the way.

Good luck. If you have any other questions, give me a call. My number is posted below.


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Was the SPI exam difficult? (compare to the inspector exam here) How hard was it to get the financial coverage (liability insurance??) and can you tell me about what that cost? Business licenses from what I hear are the easy part.

Sorry for all the questions but I don’t want to invest too much time without knowing the details.


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The WSDA recommends 1 book and a pamphlet. I think cost was $35. All the information for the Q&A portion of the test is in those books. That leaves the 25 samples of termites, ants, frass, wood damage. sawdust etc. Actually a pretty easy test. Normal difficulty for a proctored closed book test. Test fee was $45 I think. Then another $45 or $50 for the license. Least expensive for meeting state requirements is the bond. Cost was $500 per year for the pest bond. General Liability is anywhere from $300-$600 per year. Shop around. Professional Liability (E&O)can be pretty expensive your first year or so depending on your background, training etc.

I have some local (Vancouver) names and contacts for the insurances or bonds.

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Bear in mind that a bond does not insure you, only protects the client, you get to pay the claim. E&O insurance can run anywhere from $3500 to $4200
per year. Look at all the options with complete explanations of what they do, and make your decision based on knowledge. Good luck.

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