NACHI Membership Capped at 10,000

As of 9:00 am EST this morning, a decision was made to cap NACHI’s membership number at 10,000.

Once this threshold is reached, new member applications will be turned away. The decision was made by Nick Gromicko, with both John Bowman and I immediately notified.

This event marks a significant milestone in NACHI’s evolution. We will be concentrating on member benefits, and making NACHI better than ever.

We anticipate that inspectors will continue to apply, and will be admitted when an opening exists. This also means that existing and continued membership requirements will be carefully monitored moving forward.

Excellent decision, Joe.

Sounds like the quality of membership will increase as
membership will become something to value and
care for more than before.

I like it.

More benefits on top of the existing ones…WOW…can’t wait…Christmas has come early in 2007.

Looking forward to the future…


At our State Chapter meeting Nick announced several benefits that have been implemented and that he is in the process of solidifying.

I will not announce them as I feel that this will be up to Nick.

All I can say is that this is one of the reasons that Nick
“Blew the room away!”

I am PROUD to be a member of NACHI and I am PROUD to call Nick Gromicko a friend.

Way to go Nick! Keep up the good work!

Me, too.

NACHI has no duty to non-member applicants. NACHI’s duty is to its members, to consumers, and to our profession.

It is not in our existing member’s best interests to keep allowing more and more inspectors to join our ranks (especially in lieu of the fact that many of them are coming to NACHI from other associations), enjoy all the many member benefits we’ve developed over the years and the one’s still to come, and compete with us… and certainly does not support our efforts to raise prices.

It is not in the consumer’s best interest either.

It is not in the best interest of our profession as a whole either.

I see, but what happened to the NACHI way of helping new inspectors. AND when in the hell did you start trying to stop folks from other org’s from joining NACHI? I smell a big *** fish Nick, what do you have under your sleave?

We will eventually lay out an equitable method by which a new applicant will be allowed to join NACHI only after an existing member leaves NACHI, leaves the profession, sells his/her business, retires, dies, or whatever.


NACHI is becoming the lone super power in the inspection industry, much like NAR is for REALTORs. 80% of all REALTORs starve. I’m not going to let that happen to NACHI members.

You know what Nick I give already, as over the years I have lost many a battle of words with you so there is no sence in starting one now. However, you may have won on the MB, but in all reality I was right a lot of the time and you can not denigh it. I will name IQ for one.

I wish you all the best and you don’t have to renew my free membership for life if you choose not to. It’s all good.:smiley:

And by stopping the membership at 10k you will acomplish that?

I have no problem with you renewing my membership for life. I appreciate everything you do Nick. I’m a little torn on the capping, but want the best for NACHI members…whatever is best for the team and the industry as a whole…but starting with our team first!

I hate to say this , but in the last 4 months I have done many WDIIR inspections and met a lot of inspectors and I will tell you for a fact not one of them was a NACHI member.

I remember not so long ago when Nick said he was going to take AZ, well guess what folks it never happened.

Kind of like the Remax promise.

You must be new around here.:smiley:

No offence, just saying.:smiley:

Oh Todd… I think NACHI fulfills plenty of promises: I’m quite convinced we do more, faster, and better, than any trade association that exists in any industry anywhere on the planet earth. That’s actually part of the problem.

As has been said in other posts…if you want 4 wheels and a way to get from place to place, it doesn’t matter what you’re driving…however, it is nice to get into a Mercedes, enjoy the comfort, the leather, and the added benefits to get to that same location. Not all people drive Mercedes, but I sure bet they would like to if it meant safer driving, more dependability and more residual value 5 yrs later.

No offense taken. Just playing devil’s advocate, why did you decide to become a member of NACHI and how does it benefit you? At the very least, I enjoy the information shared on the message boards and have no reason to highlight the fact that other inspectors I have met are not NACHI members.

I would agree with you on
that one, but how many have you not followed through with?

I will start with the IQ and your very impresive print shop.

Having put out 135,000 copies of IQ which is a 32 big page paper mailed out first class to a mailing list that took 6 gals, 9 months to derive without ever taking a single paid ad … I’d say we “followed through” with that project.

It was one of the best projects we ever did and probably is responsible for over 4,000 new members as well as being the predecessor to