Hot PICs: My 60-round AR-15 magazine arrived today.

They make a 100-round magazine, but it is way too heavy.

Magazine… :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s awesome. I saw those online the other day, but I didn’t know of anyone who actually bought one.
Post a function report when you get a chance to try it out.

You are correct… magazine.

If I can’t solve a problem with 60 rounds, I suspect 100 won’t solve it.

I just ordered an awesome new holster and duel magazine carrier from a local company called Liion Defense. I feel the same way. If 50 rounds of 9mm doesn’t take care of the problem, I’d better be headed for help, and a rifle.

Sweet magazine. Is it about 2.5 lbs loaded? Great SHTF mag, bring on the zombies!

About 2lbs loaded Paul, per the manufacturer.

Those people at Shure Fire had a great idea. I wouldn’t mind having one myself. The cost per rounds held is a little high for me. 2 30 rounders are 25-40 bucks. Are those still over &100?

Unfortunately, those are not allowed in CA, but I noticed a couple of them in my dad’s garage in AZ :wink:

I will be blowing off a thousand rounds or so this weekend (10 rounds at a time per CA Law) at this training course

Should be a blast, and a nice break from these busy summer months.

Nick - those are now illegal here in CO. You can only load them with 10 rounds at a time. Shoot straight and true my friend.

Jeff, make very certain you count your rounds and don’t load more than 10. LOL

Everything you already owned is grandfathered. Since magazines don’t have serial numbers, I guess that means everything you buy from now on will have been bought before the ban went into effect?
Just buy them out of state and pay cash.
Let a couple more of your politicians get recalled over this and the rest will start dancing to a different tune.

I sure like living next to the Wyoming border. And when I go up there, I buy other items in WY, I buy gas, I buy lunch, etc and help their economy.

I think Magpul is fond of Wyoming also. Cheyenne is really working hard to get them to relocate. I was up there a few weeks ago and Casper has an interest also. Now that’s cowboy country, no conceal carry permit required.

Nice, I saw a video of them comparing their hundred round one against traditional and I believe it took them less than 1/2 the time to shoot 100 rnds down range on full auto. Great for guys patrolling to throw back a hellstorm when ambushed.

I bet they have saved more than a few lives over seas.

I will have to get buy with my 30 rounders for now :slight_smile: Just glad I was able to get them from Mako. I thought the crooks in the Gov would ban them for sure :frowning:

I even have 5 new 25 round Ruger 22 mags for their 10/22’s but do not yet own one. I figured I can always get the gun. At least the Gov boosted a certain part of our economy, the gun business. I sure wish I was smart enough to see that coming. I would have had Mikes gun shop somewhere. If I took everything I had when the construction industry crashed and converted it into guns and ammo I would have had enough to retire by now.

I would have also been in a business I liked.

I want half a dozen! :smiley: Who is the manufacturer? Can you order this online?