Ruger 10/22 25 rnds Mags

Better order some before Big Brother stops them all.
I have a real bad feeling they are going to get the Mag Ban.
I ordered 5 and do not even have the rifle. The rifle will not get banned as it does not fit the Assault Rifle Description.

My 12 5.56 30 rnd mags should ship in about 2 weeks…I hope :smiley:

Here is the Ruger link. They were slammed and I got confirmation around 12:30 am. They are also on back order so I MAY get them.

I saw that the 10/22 was on the list

I did not think they met the many criteria. At least they did not during the last asinine ban.

I THINK it will just be the high capacity mags.

Ironically, the ruger Mini 14 is NOT on the list. It fires the SAME rould as the Dreaded “Assault” AR 15. Go figure.

My personal thought is that the ban on the guns will not happen but I think the ban on the mags will.

In a true s h i t hit the fan scenario you do not want to have to stop and reload.

We already live under the 10 rnd max in CA.

Sucks to be you :(. I mean that honestly. Vote them all out.

It is damn near communistic