Ruger P90

Does anyone have a Ruger P90?

Ever have a problem with the Magazine not going in?

and the hammer not staying cocked?


That sure seems like a problem. You may want to trade that one in. :slight_smile:

Might consider visiting your local Gun Smith. Not something to be taken lightly IMO.

Its de-cocking because you don’t have the magazine fully seated. Slam it on kind of hard.

This gun is less than a month old, brand new.
We took it to one gun smith, so far.
There is a part inside, that is supposed to move but does not.
Which leads to another part not moving, not allowing the magazine to work properly. Which is also causing the hammer not to work as well.

We used the p90 once at the gun club, with downloaded rounds.
The mag will not go in at all.

Get rid of it as fast as you can.
Will you ever trust you life with it based on how you feel?
I own and love rugers for the record. I have no experience with the one you speak of.

Is the mag a factory original, or aftermarket?
That can make a BIG difference.
I’ve been a Ruger fan since’71 (10-22 for 49.95, Blackhawk for $135) and have been very happy. Never had a P90, but the P89 is just fine.

Ship it to me, I’ll swap you a couple radon cannisters!!:roll::D;-)

I’d never trust anything other than a revolver. The few seconds it takes to pull back a hammer and hope it responds may be a few seconds too many.

all original its brand new maybe a month old.
your funny:roll:

I love that the INACHI MB is a better source of gun info than the NRA site.

Yeah, my good friend just purchased a Ruger 38 LCR with the Crimson Trace grips, it is the nicest CC gun I’ve seen, hopefully the P90 problem is a one-off issue.

I’ve seen many people with the same problem and almost every time its from *****footing the mag in.

Thanks for the heads-up, Joe. That’s a good looking piece. And quite concealable.

I would DEFINITELY call Ruger, and see about sending it back. I have never dealt with them personally, but I hear they have great customer service.

Scroll down a ways…

Get a glock.

It’s a favorite subject for many of us, Joe

  • certainly for me!

Once I got a Blackhawk paddle holster for mine, with the index finger release, I finally felt completely comfortable with my G22.:cool:
Bought the same setup for Jeanne, and we also have the Lone Wolf 9mm barrels to drop in. :smiley: Can go to a lighter plinking cal witin seconds (or go NATO) - whatever the available ammo is!:wink:

Oh, then there’s our Kel-Tec folding carbines, with same G mags:shock:. Ideal setup.

I love glock and kel-tec. Kel-tec is made right up the street from me. When I have a problem I just drive over and they fix while I wait. :smiley:

I use the same holster for my 26 and 34

I own a glue gun . . . . . . :shock::wink: