Need clearification of cleareance in front of evap coil

Ok - help me out with this . I have attic unit with appropiate platform for working cleareance in front of blower and furnace compartment. my concern is that the coil for the airconditioner does not have a platform in front of it and faces towards the rear or the attic. see picture. Would this not require the same platform in front of it for appropiate working cleareance. Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Picture shows evaporator coil access facing rear of attic. Notice the condensation lines.


If the coil can’t be removed if it needs to be replaced (or cleaned during a periodic service) call it out.

I call them out in my reports all the time when they are completely drywalled in under the home and the only access to the side without the evap coil cover…

Just doing your job… :roll:

Was there an aux pan installed?

yes, there was an auxillary pan. Just concerned becuase of servicing

2003 IRC:

Are those condensate pipes on the rear of the unit (white PVC) I can not easily tell from the picture?

They are and the access cover is also. Builder says that theres nothing they can do about it. I told thme there was. Told them inadequate and improper working cleareance in front of access side of evaporator coil.


How is the condensate draining from that drain line??

As for the builder you have done your job and the client now needs to make a decision whether to pursue it or not. Since this appears to be new construction I would hope the client pursues it since they now know about it. If they fail to handle it now, before closing, it is no doubt going to be harder later after closing and trying to deal with TRCC.

condensate is properly installed and runs to a sink trap.

there was excessive condensation on bottom of unit when I reached under and felt the bottom side. Im thinking fan speed might be the culprit. Small drops of Condensation from the bottom of the unit was starting to drip into the secondary pan.