Need diagram for roof plywood overlap

Anyone have a good diagram or pic that shows the proper way to overlap plywood or OSB on a roof when you have a rake soffit overhang? I tried Google searching and looked for a long time but I didn’t see what I was looking for. Trying to show my client a diagram on how to fix this:

Looks like the ‘Rake Ladders’ are either missing or failing……0…gws-wiz-img.pK6qVKlAw_s


fat inspector broke the fly rafter ?

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Sure is. How wide was the overhang? Do you have a picture? No doubt in my mind either that is the problem.
Just recommend a Building Contractor to repair as necessary. Who ever built that should be jailed.

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Here are three different ways to frame a gable overhang, Ryan:



I hope one helps. :smile:


I think that on older homes wood board sheathing was strong enough to support overhangs, at least for a while. Either it fails over the long term or is replaced with plywood sheathing by those who don’t realize that the need to install outlookers to support the overhang.


Thanks Larry. I had found those pics already. I was trying to find one which shows how to stagger the plywood and overlap the rake by alternating the stagger, but I couldn’t find one. I guess the bottom one is as close as we will find. Thanks!