Need domain advice - which to choose

My official company name - Blue Ridge Home Inspections. What do you recommend for domain name - I will probably just choose the most common answer. Thanks in advance.

Hey would you mind explaining that one? I’ve been told to not use a hyphen but open for suggestions - I know its all about SEO anymore. thanks for the comment.

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1st… I haven’t any definitive negatives with using hyphens (anymore) so why not take advantage?

2nd… Obviously, DFine is your name, and also a “play on words”… ‘Define’.

3rd… Blue Ridge seems to be what your area is known as, also the name of the pricey domain. Take advantage of a defining (no pun intended) phrase whenever possible, because that is likely how they will search for you. Odds are that ANY domain you use, the public will not be typing in the search bar (except the ONE exact phrase above, thus the $1,000 price tag.

So… IMO, the overall domain I suggested subliminally makes your domain more interesting, thus memorable when it comes up in search results near the $1,000 one… Think about it. “A defining home inspection company”.

Note: As is the case with the internet and others that will take advantage of someone, I will delete my post very soon, to prevent some unsavory person from stealing the idea, just in case you want to use it. Whichever domain you decide you want, buy it quick before someone else beats you to it. Good domains are getting more difficult to come by.

Good luck!

Buy several. I have numerous that all push to my main site. I prefer something short for marketing and business cards. I suggest or something like that. Jeff’s response is pretty on point though.


Absolutely. I have 3 live websites, but own a dozen domains.

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Daniel, try to get something with the name of the town or area that you will be inspecting in. That way you will get free organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when someone Googles for an inspector in tat town or area.

It can work be making unique pages with the same name effort on your site.

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I used a hyphen in my url for years and years and had no problems with it.

The main thing, that was important when I was inspecting, was to get the name of the town or area on as many of your pages that you could so Google would bring you up when potential clients searched for a home inspector in that area. Have your name, phone number and email on every page, too.

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