Which business name should I choose?

Hi everyone. I am a new member from Louisiana who is planning to take the plunge into the HI world later this year. I’m torn between a few different names and I was wondering if y’all could give me some input.

In researching names for my local area I was surprised to find that “Louisiana Home Inspectors,” and (more importantly) louisianahomeinspectors.com were both available. Seeing this, I quickly jumped on it. I registered the LLC and bought the domain. I did so because I figured “Louisiana Home Inspectors” might give my new business some gravitas and perhaps help with SEO.

But the more I think about it, the more I’m starting to second guess myself. First of all, it isn’t a particularly memorable or interesting name which I think is a huge strike. Second, I don’t plan to service the entire state so I’m worried that I’ll get calls from 3 hours away in Shreveport. Third, because I live in a distinct region known as Acadiana, I think most people here will tend to search for “Acadiana home inspector” or “[city] home inspector” before “Louisiana home inspector.” Finally, “Louisiana Home Inspections” was also available (although the domain wasn’t,) and I worry that at some point in the future someone will decide to start using it and create confusion with my business.

On the other hand, I really like the idea I’ve seen here and elsewhere of creating repetition like Red Rhino. Something like “Green Gator” would fit nicely here in South Louisiana and seems to be available. It doesn’t have much meaning to it but I feel like it would be much more memorable and easier to create a brand around.

Anyway, I appreciate any feedback y’all can give me and I look forward to being a part of this community.

Brown Pelican :slight_smile:


I actually thought about Purple Pelican, but there’s no way I could bring myself to wear purple all day. :laughing:


I like your Green Gator option better than Louisiana Home Inspectors. Your NACHI designed logo will be much cooler too.


Think of your exit strategy. Would you want to just close up shop one day or sell the whole operation? If you know you will just shut it down, you can’t go wrong with your personal name to promote yourself and your biz. If you will want to sell it, give it a more marketable name.
Laissez les bonnes inspections rouler, chaf.

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Yeah, use a more memorable name. Purple Pelican sounds better than the Louisiana Home Inspection one

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I think Green Gator, Purple Pelican or Red Rhino are all cartoon characters.

I would be thinking about things a consulting firm might use, that may also translate to commercial properties, or niche inspections such as radon, mold, thermal imaging, sewer scopes etc.

Buzzwords such as:

Then, your name - Yongue is pretty awesome. Unique spelling.
Initials are not bad either. I have a company Named C&C (another business), quick and easy to remember.

Acadia-HI Services LLC.

Acadiana location reference. HI for well, you know. Services opens other options.


I am located in central Florida. I am considering “Botch It Investigations” or
“Bird Dog Inspections”

Welcome to our forum, Earl!..enjoy participating.

Your first option has a negative connotation to it that I would avoid if it were my business.


Thanks for the feedback. I do agree that it sounds cartoony. I suppose it is hard to find that balance between being memorable and conveying confidence and integrity. I’m going to try and think of other options that might fit that mold.

As for my name, I’ve unfortunately lost count of the number of times my last name has caused grief and confusion because of its counterintuitive spelling. I don’t want to bring that same confusion into my business.


As I said in the last post my unique last name has created a lot of confusion and complications over the years so I don’t really want to bring that into my business. I want my clients to be able to easily remember and spell my url and business name. But thanks for the feedback.

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Rougarou inspections


Some last names lend themselves well to business naming and some don’t. Like you, I abandoned that thought early on.

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  1. the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.

“the alliteration of “sweet birds sang””

You will definitely want to include your location on your website someway regardless of what name you choose. It’s pointless to have people from Wisconsin calling to have you do an inspection there. On the other hand people from Wisconsin may be moving your way so you do have to take their calls. Years ago people chose names based on location in the phone book. With that in mind you want a name that’s easy to remember but easy to find also.

AAA AA Plumbing :grin: