Help choosing a name

After looking for a few days almost every name that we liked was taken in our state or nearby. So we are down to these options. Would love any opinions! We are in the Savannah, Ga area with a lot of rural areas near the city and beach. Thanks!

  1. Coastal Empire Home Inspections
  2. Down Home Inspection Services
  3. Coast To Country Home Inspections

I know these might not be the wittiest but there are so many inspectors in Atlanta and majority of the names are taken. Thanks!

Big Dog Home Inspection

In 2001…
Bad Dog Home Inspection

Was the name in my area…
They disappeared 10 years ago…

Atlanta Inspections Inc. is available for $1195 is available for $2056

For a $3250 you get 2 domains that will give you a major advantage over all those other Atlanta inspectors. Also a great investment, domains never go down in price. $10.99 $10.99


You might want to have a name that has a regional connection.

Savannah Home Inspections
Savannah Property Inspections

Then your web site could be something like
I don’t know if any of those are taken. This is just an example.

Thanks for the suggestions! This area is known as “Low Country” or “Coastal Empire”. Low Country is taken. Big and Bad Dog don’t come off as too cocky? Or is that the point? LOL

Your domain name doesn’t need to be the same as your company name. Your company name should be unique and memorable. Your domain name should be optimized for SEO.

Georgia Home Inspectors

Your suggestions lead to what we think might be a good, catchy name. And it wasn’t taken! Thank you!

I would never use the term “Home Inspections”. The geographic seems to work especially with google and other search engines.

I was Hombuyers Inspection Services of SW Florida Inc., I bought an existing company, soon after I bought it, I did a DBA as Comprehensive Building Consultants…this way I can do commericial, thermal infrared, mold or anything to do with inspecting. The perception is that “Home Inspectors” can only inspect HOMES.

The reason I went with the term consultant at the end, is because consultants are used to SOLVE problems, not create them.

Don’t think of a name that suites your immediate need, think of a name that will suite the company you want to become. Do not pigeon hole yourself into a genre you want want to deviate from at a later date…

And that is why home inspection is not part of my name. I don’t want to be pigeon holed. Or limited to what I can do.

What’s wrong with using your name?
Moore Inspection Services

Expect more, get Moore.

Read this thread by Levi. Click here He has great advice about logos and company names. This thread too

Ditto here: JRJ Consultants dba. Critical Eye Property Inspections

Began as JRJC many moons ago as the parent company to many an endeaver, then added the dba. for each business as I went along. Adding another dba. is soooo much simpler that creating a new business every time!

Try to keep it to one word. Look at street names. Local topography. Family names.

Moore Inspection Services , Moore service, Moore value… On and on…with the tag is pretty good. But I would definitely get the above named domain names… I used my business name but it has taken along time to be on the front page. Afraid to change anything now but may need to some day

Veterans United Inspection Services

There is a list of names on the Nachi site (I believe under the benefits) section.

There is a company on the list called Heavens to Murgatroid or something like that. I would hope that someone didn’t actually name their company that, but there are a lot of strange people out there.

Thanks so much everyone! Sadly thats my maiden/middle name that I use so unless he wants to name it after me;) lol But I would have never thought of that! Great ideas.