Picking a Business Name

So, it’s time to pick a business name. I’ve got some ideas, but you all seasoned pros have the real truth about this stuff. Are there words to avoid? Should you go niche (“Inspector Gadget”) or more formal (“American Inspection Professionals”).

Thanks all.

How about Doran Inspection Services.
Doran inspections.
I believe they both sound real nice.


I would try to go with something with the name of the area you are going to be working. You can use hyphens if need be.

That way you will get SEO from that when people Google to find an inspector for that area.


I happen to like Pat Doran inspections.


Agreed. Pat Doran Inspections

Patrick, where are you going to work? What area?

Simple yet sounds professional! :slight_smile:

Yep Junior and Michael.
I agree 100%. Pat Doran inspections.
In addition, he won’t have to file a fictitious name. For his Corp


Google what experts say. They say using your whole name or initials is good.
ie. Merrill Lynch, Charles Schawb, EF Hutton, etc.

I have a company named legendary services. I can tell you one thing I’ve learned from that name is that you want home inspector in it

Welcome, Ryan, to our forum!

Great advice! :smile:

Patrick. I chose my name. Neil Summers Home Inspections. Simply because people who already knew me could remember it, and it wasn’t already taken, clients can easily find it on the interweb and there is never any confusion as to who I am and what role I play in the business.

Pick something that starts with an A. You will appear at the top of lists agents give their clients to pick from

Picking a company name requires internet as well as overall business objectives.

Naming your business can be overwhelming. You want to choose a name that will last , embody both your values and your company’s distinguishing characteristics.

Include; Home inspectors or Home Inspection Services.
City or county name gets best local SEO results.

From there you need to build a simple web site. InterNACHI has a great member that does that.

Good luck with you r business.
Best regards.
Robert Young
Robert Young’s Montreal Home Inspection Services Inc.

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Hey Patrick, I think you should name your company NORAD! everyone knows NORAD watches/sees the world! And tracks Santa too!

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