Need Great Concrete Contractor

My neighbor has some serious spalling of the rebar under some stairs and a few columns. Does anyone know of a legit good person or company to recommend. He is in Dania Beach Florida and wants it done right permits and all.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Chick chandler 786-367-9797

Thanks Dennis :slight_smile: Any othe suggestions would also be appreciated.

Michael J. Meeker, CMI
InterNACHI Member and a GC.

I have NO IDEA how to fix the mess he has and it is in a very small storage area.
No Way Jose not me :slight_smile:

But, MM, you are a Certified G C!

ANd a CMI. You can inspect your own work

Being a G.C. sure as heck does not mean you personally know how to fix others problems:) I did identify it as spalling :slight_smile:

Cap it or new.

It is bad so I would say new but it is in a serious spot and I would want an engineer to make sure it would not collapse during fixing and crush whoever works on it.

Come to our meeting the second Tuesday of this month. We have a good structural engineer who attends

Thanks Bill but I already sent the guy Dennis recommended his number :slight_smile:

Does that mean you cant or wont come to the meeting?

Hes a great guy and very experienced contractor

More of a priority thing. Unless there is a specific topic coming up that I am interested in for one reason or another. I do see myself in the future attending a meeting I just have no idea when. The Stars must align .

Most my late afternoon and evenings I spend with my Daughter or Daughter and Wife.

I do not go out much except for work or with them :slight_smile:

I want to check the meeting out sometime