Exterior wall covering you should see.

This was an interesting inspection so first let me ask you guys what you think of this exterior wall covering ?

What is it ?
Is it installed correctly?

Is there any way you could show/display a more concealing, difficult to see or distorted photo?
I am always impressed when various inspectors use this tactic.
I don’t think it helps or educates anyone, but it does show how smart different inspectors are.
[FONT=Verdana]Sorry, but these intentionally misleading posts tend to upset me. I’ll take a guess and say it’s not what it appears to be.

If you do not wish to get involved just say so.
Oh you did.
Just lurk and listen…lol

Your’re absolutely right Jamie,
Some people tend to mislead people into believing they are superior to other inspectors. Sad but true.

It’s faux brick.

Your answer is wrong,waiting for some other guesses as this is actually something educational after a few more come in.


Nice try but no.
Will let in one more guess before the reveal as this was a tricky inspection.

First time I have seen this .

Stucco to look like brick??

No EIFS…WHAT?..yep.
Never saw it shaped and colored like this and here is where I ask you guys familiar with EIFS and stone to look as this was combined as a barrier system and no flashing or weeps with the stone on lath and going into the dirt with no exposed foundation which by the way was a combination of 2 years old and over 100 year old stone foundation.
Gosh where do I start…here are a few pictures to get going.
Bear in mind EIFS as a exterior wall covering is rare in Chicago and I am not even sure if the barrier type is allowed.
More will follow.



Bump…hoping to hear from Barry or Dale on this.

Barrier EIFS Banned in Chicago
Advisory Report - June 2000
Barrier EIFS Banned in Chicago
Chicago is the first major city to officially place a ban on artificial stucco. The ban was placed on barrier-type EIFS (Exterior Insulating and Finishing System), which is an exterior cladding found on many residential homes.
Many home purchasers are attracted to EIFS because of its majestic look. The exterior cladding makes normal homes stand out and delivers fantastic curb appeal. The problem with barrier-type EIFS cladding is that the systems rely entirely on their outside surface to prevent water penetration and moisture intrusion.
Barrier EIFS has no internal drainage provision, and therefore requires excellent design and workmanship to produce a weather-tight and long-lasting system. Throughout the United States, a significant percentage of homes clad with barrier-type EIFS is experiencing problems with water penetration and moisture intrusion, primarily around windows, doors, and roof-to-sidewall intersections where kick-out flashing is necessary. Moisture retained in these systems for an extended period of time invariably leads to damage that frequently goes undetected.
In many homes clad with barrier EIFS, water that enters behind the cladding does not evaporate or escape quickly enough to allow structural members to dry out. The moisture content and temperature inside the wall cavities of these homes often promote rapid growth of wood-destroying fungus, leading to deterioration or rot of the sheathing/substrate. Depending on the size of the home, and as many unfortunate homeowners can attest, EIFS repairs can range from tens of thousands to more than one hundred thousand dollars.
The significance of Chicago’s ban of barrier-type EIFS is that many suburbs may follow suit. The water-managed type EIFS is not affected by Chicago’s ban.

StoCreativ Brick is designed to be used with drainage systems

pic tells nothing, what did the report say

what did the report say?

mfrs. & code has eifs install guidelines for drainage

chitown banned barrier eifs summer 2000, search

Ron Huffman & nachi have a stucco/eifs course, good place for HI to start for proper ID of exterior cladding systems

what did the report say?
chitown banned barrier eifs summer 2000, search
mfrs. & code has eifs install guidelines for drainage
Ron Huffman & nachi have a stucco/eifs course, good place for HI to start for proper ID of exterior cladding systems

Agree. There are a few ‘inspectors’ here that consistantly pull that crap. I usually just ignore them.

Are you referring to me Jeff?

Barry how often have you ever seen it molded shaped and colored to look like brick in this manor?

I agree about the possible ban however you are the first to mention it other than myself above.
EIFS is so rare around here on a house may be why no Chicago area inspectors have brought that up.

never except y’all yankees pix
we use the real thing or mfr. stone/brick

Ha ha thanks Barry ,I recommended a EIFS specialist be picked from the EDI list.http://www.exterior-design-inst.com/

Does that EIFS require flashing on transition to the stone which begins aprox 5 feet from grade even though the barrier method is being used here?

i advise you take the training and collaborate with eifs/stucco specialist until you know the answers

think a sec about the question, how is a non-drainage system going to drain onto and out a transition flashing?

Not you specifically Bob. My apologies if my comment was misconstrued. You usually offer a lot more info than you did in this instance. This was probably an exception for you.

It was aimed at a particular few that seem to constantly post that way in the guise of education, but has the opposite effect. Nobody learns anything in the end. When prompting the poster for additional information, very rarely do they comply. Their threads usually end with someone throwing out a WAG, and the OP stating that “he knew that already”, but was only confirming with others, before finalizing their report. BS!

Then there’s the Inspector/AHJ that asks loaded questions without disclosing that his question is AHJ based. This is not fair to those not aware of his tactic, nor to those attempting to learn to be better home inspectors. Being aware of ‘code’ is one thing. Forcing us to read through all his endless postings of code verbiage is another. Half the time he gets it wrong or misinterprets. I think he should disclose his intentions on every post he makes that is using his AHJ status to make his pee-pee look bigger to others!