When were architectural shingles first manufactured?

Anyone know when dimensional/architectural shingles were first made?

Thank you

Architectural Shingles - Roofing Info Center

Architectural shingles, otherwise known as laminated or three dimensional shingles, are heavier the regular shingles and give more three-dimensional look to your roof. They are used for residential and commerical roofs. With their beautiful visual effect, architectural shingles improve the look of the house. Some mimic old-fashioned wooden or slate shingles, giving a certain character and sense of history to the exterior of you home.

Architectural shingles were first introduced in the 1970s. They are generally made from fiberglass or organic materials, with some added asphalt. Other minerals are sometimes added to make them more durable and able to withstand the elements. For example, to provent the buildup of mildew and algae, people living in the areas where wet leaves my accumulate on their roofs will buy architectural shingles with added copper. Some types of architectural shingles are algae-resistant, having been coated with special chemicals for this purpose.

One greatest advantages of using architectural shingles is that they do not require any additional support underneath them. As they are heavier they regular asphalt shingles, they can be nailed to the roof, although some of them have interlocking tabs, making them firmer and sturdier.

In most cases architectural shingles can last between 30-50 years. In any case, many of them carry a warranty for forty years. Thet are specifically designed and manufactured to withstand various weather conditions. The heavier types can withstand strong strom-winds, and if they have a heavily granulated top coat they are also fire-resistant. Architectural shingles made from fiberglass or rubberized asphalt are considered to be the most durable.

These types of shingles can be installed on roofs with slope greater the 2’’ per foot. low slope applications (2’’ to 4’’ per foot) require full coverage ice and water shield to help against ice dams.

The hardest decision in choosing an architectural roofing shingle for your home is deciding the life span and color you want and need. We can not make the selection for you because you are the only one that truly knows what works for your budget. However, we can give you sound advice and all the information you need to make the right decision. Contact uswhen you are ready and we will send one of our professionals to your home and help you every step of the way.



Thank you Marcel, I was thinking maybe 25 years.

That would be just about the time I saw them in this area (25). Maine is always behind times. :):wink:

I installed them on a home in Pennsylvania in 1988 (25 years ago). They were fairly new back then if I recall and had a dark area around the edge of the shingle that looked like a shadow making the shingles look (from the ground) thicker than they were.