Need help on what to charge....

I am not quite sure what to charge to inspect a 11,000 sq ft home. It is a 6 bed 8 bath 2 story with a 10/12 pitch roof and completely finished attic with seperate a/c. Can anyone give me some advice on what to charge for this inspection?

You have to setup the Standard Rates box first. Experiment with it for a while.

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I once lunched at a bar in Philadelphia with a colleague. When we asked for the check, the owner cupped his chin in his hand as though consulting his muses and asked himself aloud “Hmmm. What can I charge these guys?”

Years later, when I was a young lawyer at a white shoe Philadelphia Law Firm, the Managing Partner, who had been sitting in on a presentation I was going to make to a prospective client, when asked for advice said “Charge a lot of money.”

Pretend that you’re the guy with the wherewithal to purchase an 11,000 square foot house. In other words, pretend that you are a moron who has no concept of money.

There is probably no number that would shock this nitwit. But there is a number that would cause him to look for another inspector: one low enough to cause him to conclude that you must not be very good.

So bang him!

Tell him you’re giving him a discount at $785. Firm.

Do not undersell yourself. I wouldn’t go near this house for less than $1200 during a slow business period and I would say$1500 during busy times.