What to Charge???

I am not quite sure what to charge to inspect a 11,000 sq ft home. It is a 6 bed 8 bath 2 story with a 10/12 pitch roof and completely finished attic with seperate a/c. Can anyone give me some advice on what to charge for this inspection?


William, go to your control panel and change it to post your location in your post header.

Charge what you feel you’re worth.

$150 plus .15 a square foot.

To be perfectly honest and blunt if you have no idea what to charge then you should pass on the inspection and let someone else do it.

Not being an *** just being honest and truthful

Bill…About $2,379.00 would be my fee with the information you posted.

With all the amenities you’ll run into its worth about $.20-.25 per foot.

If you have a helper, two days are shot, nice to make a K per day, plus a couple good lunches.

Give this a try as well.

I just quoted one (11,250 sq ft) the other day for $2,200 and the client gasped. “You really charge that much for an inspection,” she asked. “The last quote I got was for $600.” :roll:

I explained to her the “reason” for the difference in fees. I’m doing the inspection next week Thursday :wink:

There is an inspector on this MB that charges what he feels “the potential client is worth”. :shock:

If you are uncomfortable with the size of the home i would take a pass. Any one wealthy enough to buy that could bury you. If you normally take 4 hours on a 2000 sq ft home are you going to spend 20 hours on that house.? If you arent you are taking a big chance no matter what you charge.

199.00 any house any time. free termites and radon

Sounds reasonable. :mrgreen:

Don’t forget the warranty!

I did a 10,000 sq footer last week for $1,800.00 but I did not have to even look at the roof as the seller was having a new roof installed while I was actually there.:roll:

Thats why there is no prices on my web site. If i can explain the cost difference i think most reasonable folks will gladly spend the extra few $'s

Good for you Jeff…some understand what inspections like this are worth, others don’t.

People do pay these fees and much more, depending on the scope of work.

You are absolutely correct Dale. People do pay those fees once they understand the work that needs to go into it. I just did a commercial warehouse slightly under 9K SF, several bathrooms and offices. Price tag $2,230.00. Guess what the appraisers fees where? $1,500.00. The client understood, when you hire professionals, you pay professional’s fees. Simple as that. Think about it. The appraiser is charging him $1,500. If I would have bid that work for anything less than that, the client would have thought I didn’t know what I was doing and would have moved on to the next person in line.

Charge like a professional and you’ll be treated as one.



I am not sure where people got out of what the OP wrote that he was either
incompetent or uncomfortable to do an inspection of a big house.
I do believe however, that he was simply asking what others charge or perhaps, what is their process to come up with a price of a large home.
Whether it be a small house or a big house everybody had to at some point figure out what they will want to charge and figure out a system to come up with a price instead of spurting out a fee just because.

We all have a matrix of base prices with $x per x sqf of house. This matrix typically goes up to let’s say 5,000 because most houses we inspect (for the average house, that the average home inspector inspects, in the average market) are between 1,500-4,000sqf.

So, let me ask you this.
The first time you get called to do a 10,000 sqf house, do you use your normal matrix by going up the fee scale the same way?
Or do you start thinking about hiring a 2nd person to help out?
Or do you think, maybe these people want a much more thorough, specialized and exhaustive inspection than the average SoP inspection, so you get an HVAC tech, and Electrican, a pool tech, an EIFS specialist etc…

I remember the first thing I did when I was called to do a 7,000 sqf home (as it was out of my normal fee scale), I called a homie friend of mine who I knew did these types of houses on a regular basis, so he could explain to me how he would charge and why.

We all have to start somewhere, somehow… :wink:

Well said Will!
I was having the same thoughts. So, to all the naysayers that questioned the OP’s ability… "What did you do the first time you got a call for a 10,000 sq/ft home? Did you cower away, or dive right in? I suspect many of you have not even done a larger home of this size yet. If you haven’t inspected one of these homes yet, please keep your opinions to yourself. Btw… quoting a larger home, and actually performing the inspection, is not the same thing! :neutral: