Need help selecting report software

InspectVue is the best… And yes, I use it, I endorse it, and I sell it to other inspectors at a discount… $845.00 out the door if you want it!

Porter Valley is going to require all dealers to sell at Retail prices soon, so buy ASAP, at a discount from me… if you want the best software on the market.

Justin Watts
American Dream Home Inspection

Steve Ramos House Detective of HGTV just completed a fair comparison of several software systems. Its a good read for the inspector looking for inspection software

Hey Justin,

Any inside news on the long awaited V5?
It got pushed off the June 20th release date with no further word.
Other than “very soon now” that is!:wink:

Hi John,
The last news that I heard was the new “VISTA” version of microsoft windows setback the Newest Development of InspectVue… Porter Valley Software wants to work out the “bugs” with Vista before the Program is released… And if you own Vista, as I do… there are still bugs in the new Microsoft version itself. So I know that this must be very frustrating for Porter Valley, but it should be released soon…

Porter Valley does not want to give a definite date yet, however the program changes made to the InspectVue Classic (new revisions) are AWESOME!!!

The New Version will be worth the wait, I am sure of it…


That’s why I still use XP.
Are you saying that V5 won’t release untill all the bugs are out of VISTA?:roll:

I still use Microsoft Publisher 97. I also have a PDF converter. It is all I have ever used.

It may not be as automated as some of the ones above, but typing up the reports actually took less time with Publisher than it did with any of the others.

If I had to pick one, Home Gauge would probably be it.

Just a little bit of trivia for ya, this is precisely what I heard when I bought the software 18 or so months ago. Kind of frustrating for us us too.

I’m using Source One. .It is pretty customizable, easy to use and comes with a free training course.

More than kinda frustrating!

I still can’t figure out why XP users can’t have V5. Vista has bee the hold up for the last 6 months, in all that time why couldn’t have XP users be enjoying all the benefits? Never got a straight answer, but was asked if I wanted a refund. Don’t want a refund, I just want the benefits taunted by PV.:frowning:

I use 3D, love it and would not change.


I would encourage all those who have not already made the trip to visit

I have been a home inspector for 15 years, and I’ve checked out all the software that is out there, and until just recently I had been using another company’s software (it’s on the poll list), but always felt that most of the software that was available was too complicated and/or lacked some basic features that I wanted, like drop-down text boxes — I have always wanted drop-down text boxes. So I teamed up with one of the best software coders available to help me create the software that I always wanted to have.

Okay, so now you know I’m here to plug my own software. But let’s just move on…

Even if you already use software and are perfectly happy with it, you will find that InspectMaster has some pretty great features that none of the other programs have (like drop-down text boxes). It is well-designed, easy to use, and because it is the ‘premier’ version it is currently being sold for considerably less than most of the other ‘worthy’ software out there. And it works extremely well on the new UMPC’s and small laptops and tablets.

To download a copy, please click here. If you find time to offer me some feedback, it would be most welcome. Also, if you know of anybody who has been looking for inspection software for the Mac, I would greatly appreciate it if you would refer them to my website. If you would like to check out a sample inspection report generated by InspectMaster, you can click here. This will allow you to see right away how the report is structured.

Best Regards to all.

You can download a trial version of Hi-Port. If I had not bought Inspect-it two years ago, I would most likely purchase this software.

Just for the record…since it sounds like you have not done your homework on the other home inspection software out there… almost everyone of them has drop-down textboxes so I am not sure where you are getting off by saying that InspectMaster is the only that has this basic home inspection software feature.


Hi Jeff,

These drop-down text boxes can be placed within existing narratives and populated on the fly? I’ll stand corrected (and rephrase my last post) if you can show me one home inspection software program that can do that.



I’ve been using Inspect Express for 4 years and can do anything I want to it, and it works in Word…I think you’ll find the Inspect Express will do what you want…:slight_smile:

3D can

Thanks for your imput, Fred, although after downloading their 95 MB demo, I find that I disagree with you, or at least your definition of a drop-down. To me, a drop down actually ‘drops down’ (or pops up) when you click on it, like what you find on menu bars. 3-D has a built-in existing list with check boxes that you can add to that insert words into a narrative. Close, anyway. However, as a home inspector (and it’s not my intent to go 3-D bashing here), 3-D always fell under the ‘too complicated’ category that I referred to.

So Jeff, you said ‘almost everyone of them’ has them. What are they?


I kind of like the list. You see it all the time without having to “drop down”. And, it can be edited, changed, added to, removed, customized on the fly.


Home Guage …period

InspectMate from Knights Software (formerly Borealis) has had drop-downs for 10 years (which also implies that InspectNOW from ITA also does)…and as someone mentioned above… HomeGauge also created a feature called smart-text years ago which is also like drop-downs within a narrative comment. I also believe Whisper Solutions may have this feature along with Palm-Tech.