Need help understanding panel

I would like some help here. I have a couple of questions regarding this panel. #1 Where is the ground wire for this panel? I could not find a ground. No connection to the meter, I could not find a ground rod outside. I can’t even find a ground wire coming out of the panel?
#2 A question for this GFCI breaker. What is this aluminum wire for? Could someone explain this GFCI system for me?
#3 What is the main disconnect rating in this panel? I see two 60 amp breakers labeled “main disconnect”. Would this panel be rated 120 amp service?
This panel belongs to a friend of mine who allowed me to inspect his house so I could get some experience. As far as the ground wire is concerned, I am used to seeing a bare wire coming out of the panel and connecting to ether the water meter or a ground rod. I understand how a GFCI breaker works, but I thought they were a single breaker and not doubled? I am also used to seeing a main breaker at the top of the panel, Which makes it easy to determine service rating. I am just a little confused with this setup. Thanks in advance for your help.

#1) If you can’t find one, it might not have one.
#2) The original CH GFCI breakers (mid 70’s) had a little wire that fed power between the bottom half breaker portion and the top half electronics portion. No big deal.
#3)That’s a split bus panel, so the top 12 slots are all “mains”. Check the wire gauge feeding those main lugs to determine the service size, in this case, or the rating of the main lugs from the panel’s sticker. Take whichever one is less. I’ve got money on 200 amp, but there’s no good way to tell from pictures. You were there.

Does your friend know what the 2 wires are crossing over the 2 main conductors near the main lugs? One of them looks like a bare wire.

Who gives a rat’s ***. That’s compliant and safe.

Thanks for the replys. Those two wires across the top are the neutral and ground for the sub panel.

I agree with these statements

The third terminal down on the left side may be the ground, can’t really tell without a better pic.

Yup, safe as a crosswalk on the interstate! :slight_smile: