Need help with my contract..

i was wondering if anyone could help with figure out how to do my contracts. I have a paper contract that I drew up with my lawyer what I can’t figure out is how should I work it? I would just like to be able to email it to them and then have them print it off and bring it with them to the inspection then have them sign another for my records. But i am not sure if that the right way to do it or should i find a way to make it so they can electronically sign it then have them send it back to me. I am looking for ideas on how to do this or how everyone else does it. I do know that there is a contract on internachi site to use but i don’t know how much longer i will have this site cause of the cost. Any help would be great.

FIRST: Post it on a new thread in this forum and I’ll critique it for you. You can then take my comments back to your lawyer.

After we fix up your contract, insert it into our free, electronic signature inspection agreement system:

both times i posted this in miscellaneous discussion form and its going in the wrong thread i dont know why the time its says i posted it is way off and it will not let me delete them sorry for this but i dont know what happening and i dont want to post again cause i dont want it to come here

Staff is going to move a thread about contracts to the Legal forum as part of their message board housekeeping regardless.

Start a new thread posting your contract and I’ll critique it for you.