Need help with proper roof definition.

I have been calling this home which is a few miles from where I live as being a barrel vault hip roof.
Older and wiser men have told me barrel vault hip roofs don’t exist.
So what is this roof style?**


Barrel vault Mansard?

Well, it is definitely a Vault. And the end wall looks like a vaulted hip.
One of the last projects I did at a College had a tapered barrel vault.

I got a bit of feedback for claiming there is such a thing as a barrel vault truss for hip roofs.

My question then is:
Is there a barrel vault hip?

Nice roof Marcel, I couldn’t even imagine laying that one out.
Must of had a good tape measure and helper?:wink:

Well there is a design for a Barrel Vault w/ a hemispherical ends and a Trough Vault.
Never seen either one though.

Yep! Barrel vault with Hipped Mansard .

It is not a Mansard Roof.

Stirring it up Roy?:cool:

Its a trough which is basically a hip with rounded features.

It ain’t no Mansard!
cep’ mey’be down South:mrgreen:

Well it kind of fits the definition.

mansard roof

  1. a roof that has four sloping sides, each of which becomes steeper halfway down.

That graphic shows a Gambrel roof.

True, but it points out the “mansard” section of roof.

It would be a Mansard if all of the sides were like that. With gable ends, it’s a Gambrel.

Like the one Paul is asking about?

I would call it a Dome roof myself (probably not architecturally correct). A barrel roof has gable ends on a rounded roof. A barrel vaulted roof has a barrel ceiling also.

Groined roof with clipped gable dormers???

I’d love to see that from inside the attic.

Cloistered vault. :roll:

Capture 1.PNG


Cloistered arch made with hip trusses?

I’m giving up on this one.:cool:

I think Kennith has it…Cloistered Arch (not vault). Never heard of it though.