Hip Roof shape or other

Doing a wind mitigation on this old 1942 home. Most of the roof is hip on the front porch area one side is hip while the other side is like a gable end. Would this be other or hip. Here some photos.

Do the math looks likely other to me.

Pic 3 looks like an unenclosed porch with the roof attached to the wall…don’t count that one. Pic 2 has gable sections on the end walls. Now you have to decide on total roof perimeter…upper and lower, or just lower, or just upper…inquiring minds want to know.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hip with the exclusion of the lean to.
There ain’t no gables or flats…Huh?

My bad I believe Roy is correct. I should look harder :frowning: Everything I see is attached to the walls.

Look at this Shawn

Well just letting you guys know it came with 7% non-hip other. this type of roof shape is the stuff that gets me really confused when it comes to a wind mitigation, but once you do a couple of them to start getting better at them.

I know the difference between hip and gable and measuring the roof shapes its just when I get odd ones like that I have to come to ask.

thanks guys for your help.

Roy was correct when attached to wall it does not matter.

Only if it is not enclosed (screened or open), and it’s not part of the same roof that is over a portion of enclosed space.

So enclosed room counted, Open or Screen covered porch not counted??

That’s right. One of your bump out rooms is enclosed…those gable ends count as non-hip.

The guys home actually did good, Measured the entire Hip perimeter and came out to be 7% non-hip

That’s about what it looks like from my house.

Are unenclosed spaces ever counted?

Yes, if the roof is structurally attached to the main roof system.

Is there a minimum perimeter percentage for that unenclosed structure for it to be counted? Or do you count anything that is structurally attached to the roof system?

If it’s structurally attached, it gets counted. If you are talking about something like eyebrows on the gable ends…I personally don’t count those, but some may.

The 10% rule applies as does for any “non-hip” feature.


Michael, where are you getting your training. This should all be covered in the course you are taking.