Need info Hail and storm damage

So if I take the course. ( storm and hail damage ) and in the future there was a storm in my Area. Will that work for doing Insurance claims for roof replacement and will internachi referral jobs to me?

My experience as a roofer would indicate “not likely”.

I admit I have not yet looked at the course. In the Cincinnati area roofing companies pound the afflicted areas with door knockers, mailers, TV advertising and Radio. They all offer free damage inspections. The insurance company then sends out their adjusters or an adjuster from an independent agency. Adjusters are not regulated in Ohio but you would need to be contracted by the insurance company. YOu would also need to be able to operate Exactimate Software to provide the insured and the insurance company with the cost to repair.

Take the course and I’ll send you referrals…

Short answer to both questions is NO!