Need mentor

Hello, my name is Mark Garrison. I am wondering if there are any InterNachi home inspectors in the Sacramento area willing to take me on a ride along for training. I’m an InterNachi member and soon to be certified inspector. I live about one hour from Sacramento. If Sacramento is too close, maybe Chico, Redding or possibly Stockton? If I were to go on an inspection with somebody I could help with the inspection or stay out of the way. It would be your call. As for your clients, I give a great first impression and I’m completely professional and very proficient in people skills. I’m doing some mock inspections now. Maybe someone could help me with one. I don’t know if anybody is doing this kind of training or not. If you have any good ideas for getting some top level training I would sure appreciate the info. Thanks…

Good for you Mark .
I recommend you look to try and do at least 25 trips with other Homies and you will find the knowledge you gain is great .
I am now retired but like My son before me we have turned out some good inspectors .
Be prepared to pay at least $50;00 a trip ( money well invested ) .

Thanks Roy. I think hands on training is a must. Hopefully I can find a good mentor.

Some times the best place to look is 100 miles away
Some do not like to train the local competition

Thanks again for the info Roy. Have a great new year!!!

New year!!!

No replies yet, so maybe Sacramento is too close? Are there any inspectors in Chico, Redding or possibly Stockton? Does anyone have any ideas on getting hands on training? Thanks…