Need Quick Response

All the training from Ben is paying off, I am adding an ancillary to my inspection and need to know if you guys that use Internachi’s agreements bundle this agreement with the rest or do you send it separately?? I need to send them asap.
Thanks ahead of time, for the guidance.

Depends on the service you’re adding, but in general if I’m going to be including the service as a part of my inspection included in the report I wouldn’t send a separate agreement. I invoice the services together and provide them with the report. I have a number of services that are not included that I can add to the inspection. While it may be charged separately, it’s all part of the same inspection.

Got it. It is the sprinkler system. Thanks!!

Julie - Good question.
I think the majority send the PIA (Pre-Inspection Agreement) in advance. I also did so when I got started back in 2000. I soon found out that over 60% of the Clients “forget to bring”, “never received the PIA”, “loose it”, or whatever, the PIA. Then, I needed to fill out another one on site.
SECOND: I have found many people either have some difficulty understanding the language, have questions, or simply “initial each clause” without reading it. I have some specific “lawyer advised to protect me” and NY State required clauses. I take the time to make sure they understand. (Yes, I have walked when a individual came across wanting all sorts of phrasing changes and cross-outs of items. I have also inspected for several attorneys who had NO issues, even complimented my PIA).
Third - half the folks are not sure what they want - I am qualified for and offer several ancillary services, water sampling, radon, mold etcetera. Not everyone needs all that is available. I don’t have a “one size fits all” pricing structure, rather, it is ala-carte.
SO, to save myself headaches, when the Client or their designated representative (Uncle Bill, Dad, or whomever - which I ask about - “Will you be at the inspection or, if not, who is your designated representative?” -they tell me in advance) arrives on scene I go over the PIA and explain what each clause means and get their “John or Jane Hancock” on the bottom line.
NO, I have not had anyone say they were “rushed into signing” because I take the time. So what if it needs 10 or 15 minutes. WORK TO GET THE CLIENT COMFORTABLE WITH YOU. Julie, as you see there ARE options - do what works for you, do what your legal advisor is comfortable with. You may find that you want to “change” - good - it is not etched in stone.


Thank you, Well stated. : )