How do you respond?

We do our job too well, I guess. :slight_smile:
Local home inspector that is not a licensed mold assessor tells people our report is not accurate and we are “bad news” for mold inspections.
I guess we should write a “soft” report and ignore mold problems we observe / document and identify the source for, to expedite a Real Estate sale.

I have edited my first post, I am trying to be nice.
I should not get upset by the bottom feeders.
We are the best in our area.

We have the most detailed mold assessment reports in SW Florida.

Complain about our prices but don’t complain about how thorough our inspection and documentation is.

Did he tell you that himself or is it from a third party? I would be careful bashing someone with hearsay

You are probably right, but now that several emails have been exchanged, the agents, buyers and sellers and legal counsels see what a dumby the HI was to open his mouth.

I edited my post to be nice.

Lol now that’s better. I do understand though

Don’t let it get to you!

Be the professional, take the higher ground, have adult beverage, and* CHILL-ACKS! *