Need some help

Came across this today in a electrical panel. It looks like the wires into bus bar have some sort of paste or something over them. Does anyone know what this could be and why.

Its possible that its a paste for the aluminum service entry wires…

I agree it’s probably the no ox paste for the aluminum wire.

To stop corrosion

Which is not REQUIRED by the National Electrical Code if the manufacturer does not require it in their testing & listing of the product. While it is a good idea and sound workmanship the paste is not required unless specified by the manufacturer. However, if you choose to use it then you have to make sure the type used is compatible with conductor type (CU or AL) you are using it on.

Ironic example is Eaton Cutler Hammer will not require the paste on it’s panel board terminal conductors BUT it states to use the paste on it’s simple disconnects. Go Figure.

As usual thanks for another piece of info I have not herd before Paul.:smiley:

For the small costs involved, seems like all should use it. I see it all the time in my area.

Oh yes…I use it also all the time and even so when it is not required as it just makes sense.