Anti corrosion paste

With aluminum service wires should the ground wire have anti corrosion paste along with the hot & neutral wires in the panel boxes?
Thanks for your input.

Not a bad idea, but not required,

That is one that almost all electricians I have seen, have done on my jobs in the past.
Although not required, it appears to be a standard of practice for some electricians.
As Jeff said, “Not a bad idea”:slight_smile:

If it is not required, please offer a brief explanation.


The terminal will be listed for use with aluminum conductors without any anti-oxidation compounds applied. That would make it optional to use it.

You do in Texas.

TREC 535.229(a)(15) - report as deficient the absence of anti-oxidants on aluminum conductor terminations.

Before someone complains about Texas law look at U.S. Supreme Court vs. VEEK.


Same for ICC/SBCCI - “Legal Aspects of Code Administration”

In short, when an authority (a broad definition) adopts a code it becomes law. (Too bad doesn’t mean the authority has to enforce it)