Need some help

Came across this today in a electrical panel. It looks like the wires into bus bar have some sort of paste or something over them. Does anyone know what this could be and why.

Oopps, forgot photo, here it is.

We used to call it no corrode it is used on Aluminum wires to keep the air away from the Wire .

anti-oxidant grease


But why use it on the copper wires?


I have never seen that in over 10 years

Thanks. I thought it was the no corrode but also dont know why its there on the copper.

I do not think it was used on the copper it was just a sloppy application on the Alum and it ran down .
No harm if the did use it on the copper not needed but no harm… Roy

Looks to me some of them are solid strand aluminum, at least from this photo.

the neutrals appear to be a mix of copper and aluminum…


As a side note the antioxidant is improperly applied. The way it is applied is as though it was never applied as it is to cover the entire conductor that is exposed including that part that is pushed through and extends out the other side.

This would mean that the larger stranded aluminum conductor would require the antioxidant to cover the exposed conductor all the way down to where it enters the sheathing.

Good catch Mike, yes looking again ,
I think it was applied after the wires installed and it was not done correctly…


Since the anti-oxididant is not even required would an HI even right this up?

I was thinking the same thing. :cool:

Because reporting aluminum branch circuits are a requirement in many states.

If you were a real home inspector, you may know this…

OK, so how would a real HI write up the messy no-ox on the conductors?

I’d be more worried about correctly reporting the presence of single strand aluminum wire than the no-ox on the wires.

According to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), aluminum wire is more than 50 times more likely to have one or more connections reach electrical “Fire Hazard Conditions” than a home wired with copper.
Need we say anymore!

Interesting can you please send me the location so I can read this report . Thanks … Roy