Need some return air?

Returns are in every room, including the bathroom:mrgreen: .



How aromatic…

What did you report about it???

Smells like a crappy install…recommend further evaluation…lol

This has and will continue to go in my reports when I run into these installations

“Please be advised that the bathroom return air location may intermittently affect the aroma of the air quality at other locations within this structure. My advice is to consult with your qualified HVAC specialist about relocating this return grill outside of the bathroom and sealing the original grill location.”

other option is to give them a case of air freshener for a house warming gift :shock:

Guys very plainly states in the IRC and anywhere else one desires to read that return air can not be installed in bathrooms, kitchens or garages. I get on this just like a duck on a June bug or in this case like stink on crap:( :frowning: </IMG></IMG>

I inspected a new cosmetic surgery building where there was a cold air return in the surgery room.](*,)

Does that mean you are unfamiliar with closed loop systems and hepa filtering?:roll::roll:

Step up to the plate you are talking a whole different ball game

Charlie is correct and thats how I wrote it up, plain and simple.

How about the exhaust. Before this home had a pre-listing inspection I guess the exhaust was under the deck thats at ground level with the intake right next to it. This is what there HI recommended for the fix.:roll:



Good catch just goes to show that some never learn anything;-)

Was this building used for something else prior to a plastic surgeons office?

I don’t know about your state, but surgery centers have entirely different set of rules when it comes to construction in IL.