Need to refer a mold test in WI

I did a home inspection last week on a home built 7 years ago. The home was in overall good shape. No major problems.

I received a call from my client last night asking if I could do a mold test. I told her I was currently not qualified but I would find some names for her and call her back today.

I didn’t suspect any potential mold problems during my inspection.

She asked if there were any other concerns that I had about the home and I told her that all my concerns were documented in their inspection report. I did mention, also included in my report, that I noticed a Radon abatement system installed at the neighbor’s home to the north of the home and suggested they may want to have a radon test done.

Can anyone help me with a person in the area that she could call for a mold test?

She can call Pro-Lab at 800-427-0550 and they will refer someone to her to do the test. I came upon a situation like that last year and had to send the client to a competitor so, I took the Pro-Lab course and for a small investment I purchased some equipment. I now do the testing myself and make more $$$.


Did you purchase the Silver package? I called Pro-Lab myself and I’m thinking about following in you shoes. I’m always looking to add value for my clients.

Yes I purchased the silver package, which is enough to get you started. Then you can order cassettes, swabs, or any other supplies and receive them within a few days. I made my money back in no time.

I just completed the CIAT class offered by ESA in Milwaukee last weekend and was very pleased with the materials. I will be soon purcahasing their mold home study course.

There was an artical in our local paper recently discussing mold so it’s the talk of the town. I’d like to jump on this while the jumping is good.