Five minute mold test?

Anyone heard of this?

Yes I have and it was on Gary Sullivan’s radio show. Heard for 1st time last week.

He gets paid to advertise inferior products like the gutter brush and EZ breathe and I have a hard time listening to him. He was a hardware guy and sometimes gives erroneous advise.

I was looking into this and it takes 5 minutes to test but it still requires a lab to determine types of mold.

It is worse then the petri dish mold testing Prolab sells to consumers. I go get a few referral from Prolab because of this tests, due to it showing positive most of the times.

They also seem to have a referral service on their site.

Prolab has the IAC2 website on their packaging.

EMSL sells the similar kits, but does not refer. Prolab gets bad mouthed by some inspectors, but at least they refer us business.

EMSL Also refers business, however we don’t get as many calls as ProLab may because we do not have Test Kits in Lowes, Home Depot and other retail outlets.

I get referrals from EMSL all the time. Just finished doing an inspection for a relative of one of their lab workers this week. The thing is, the referrals from EMSL understand that laboratory testing costs money and they are prepared to spend some compared to the average ProLab client that thinks you are going to come out to their home and work for free or for peanuts.