Need Vinyl Siding Help

Hello everybody,

Is there more to write about this, other than the improper clearance to grade. (Less than 1/2 inch in some areas.) Shouldn’t the exposed sheathing be protected from water, termites, etc? Shouldn’t the sheathing be flush with the stem wall, and flashed? What am I missing? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

starter strip.jpg

Thanks Joseph,

I found that as well, and quickly skimmed through it. I am trying to get a report out right now, and plan on studying that after I’m done. I was just looking for some quick advice so I can send the report out.

  • Note the deficiency.
  • Identify the potential for weater damage to the sheathing below the bottom edge of the siding.
  • Recommend further review and repair as needed to alleviate the potential for water intrusion.

I looks as if the old blue tarp was taken off of the lawn mower & used as vapor barrier??? I would always report the raw wood exposed to the elements, this condition won’t get better with time.

Vinyl siding is supposed to have a starter strip that the lower siding “lip” will connect to. It would have been the same color as the corner trim and the soffits. There was a major shortcut made here that would most likely void any manufacturers warranty as it was improperly installed. Any exposed sheathing as you have in the picture is a big no no. It almost looks as if they meant to come back and add the starter strip later having left room for it to be nailed to the bottom plate, but then never got around to it.

The tarp like material is a house wrapp. Starter strip is already on. If it wasn’t , that bottom course of siding would not be tight to the sheeting. Stater strips come in different materials(aluminum , steel , galv. , and vinyl. Color and shapes vary. Looking at your picture , I’ve seen this many times over the 30 years in the siding business. It’s poor workmanship. Either the sheating is to low , or the siding is too high. Scott