Vinyl Siding Install

What are your thoughts on this vinyl siding install. It is inset about 1 inch from the edge of the slab. The bottom piece has a 1/4 inch lip that with a 90 degree bend that side flush on the slab. You can lift the lip up and see the rotten wood siding and behind that the wall bottom plate. The bottom plate is in good condition with no signs of decay. There is a large over hang with gutters. Its an addition that has been there for 15 years and has no signs of water entry on the inside carpet or wall.


The secon picture is around the corner and does over hang the slab. I just included it so that you could see the bottom piece detail better.

Hello Peter,
The siding is too close to the ground and it will soak up moisture.
Hows the surface drainage around this house? Does it drain away from this siding? I can’t tell from the pix.


The worst thing about the install is the lack of starter strip at the bottom. The lazy installers way is to use J channel, the problem is it collects water, which then migrates into the house. Then again J channel is cheaper, which is why they use it.