Neighbor Partially Demolishing Home-Concerned About Asbestos?

Home was built 50+ years ago and abandon for decades. The kids/relatives suddenly began coming by every few months and are gradually demolishing it. The area is extraordinarily windy and their materials have found their way on our property.

My main concern is that asbestos might be in the air and I’m breathing it. Is my concern valid?

I have taken some pics:

I’m interested in getting an air test done-indoor and outdoor-opinions?

Your concern can only be addressed by official testing by a qualified asbestos inspector.

Do you have baseline air samples of the interior of your home prior to this work taking place? I didn’t think so.
Does your state regulate asbestos abatement by homeowners? Probably not.
Check with your local authorities to see if what they are doing is compliant with local laws.

Did you tresspass to get those photos?
Do your homework before you post such concerns. Unless you’re 20 years old, the building materials you have been exposed to over your lifetime, would far outweigh the potential risk of exposure from this one home, which appears to be in a rural setting.
I saw some old floor tiles that could have it, but a home that age will have all kinds of neat stuff in it.
I seriously doubt your going to get lung caner from what they are doing over there. The toxins in your fda regulated processed foods will get you before the home demo concerns will.

Are those pic’s taken on your property?
If taken on the neighbor’s, you are trespassing.
Right or wrong, you have no right or authority to step one foot on their property.
If you have a concern, call your local Health Dept. or Building Dept.

Check with you local authorities about demolition permits , and asbestos can only be confirmed with testing . and yes you could be charged with trespassing if you don’t have permission to be on the property .Best to document ,contact local code officials .

Call your local EPA office and discuss the demo with them.

No trespassing!

The majority of the pics are of materials are ON OUR PROPERTY!!!

Recall in my first post I wrote "The area is extraordinarily windy and their materials have found their way on our property. "

Maybe there is worse on their side? But I won’t trespass to find out!

I took a pic of their home from my side of the property…just like anyone else can take a pic of their neighbors home from their side of the property!

If the home demo is even close to as bad as eating processed foods then that is good reason enough for me to be concerned!

I’m not so much concerned about whether they are breaking the law. I’m more interested in learning whether this situation can create harmful asbestos levels.

Yep Like Jeff said. It’s impossible to tell by description and photos alone. To be reassured completely you need an official inspector to come and test…

The asbestos (if present) in the roof shingles, or flooring would likely not be in friable condition. That’s leaves plaster, transite siding, pipe insulation, surfacing materials, or tape/ insulation on ducts in most houses. Asbestos is still used in many items today.
check with your local city officials or department of environmental management.
The above posts about trespassing are valid & may get you in deep trouble, if you choose to call them. Good luck.

I would take any concerns you have to your county health department.

Seconded- I would definitely do this!