Neutral and ground double lug

Wires can work loose on their own… it doesn’t have to be done by an idiot… there have been numerous pictures posted on this exact same topic all over this board that show what happens when two grounded conductors work loose from each other…


Yep! What he said…

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Will get a certificate?

Even a blind squirrel will find an acorn every once in a while.
So ! You completed 6 hours continuing ed… Big deal!

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And how does that pertain to the example? Wires loosen on receptacles, etc. That’s why you should check them yearly.

The lug is rated for two conductors of the same size.


Yes you will… Here it is…
I proudly present you with the …

Michael that’s correct, just not a current carrying conductor (a neutral) and another conductor. As I said in the past you’re entitled to your opinion but no one on this forum will agree with you.

For those who are here to learn you should remind them that you’re stating it as your opinion and not a fact. The fact is it’s prohibited by the NEC. It’s safe to say that the OP and others are asking for the facts not an opinion.



That is the OPINION of the State of Ohio.

As to agreeing with me, I don’t care. What 49 other states do is fine by me. Again, I clarify that what I post is for Ohio.

If you are in Ohio and don’t believe me contact the state.


Show me where that Yankee state goes against the NEC?

Show me which section it says that the grounded and grounding conductors can be on the same busbar lug.
I’d bet you will not find it.

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You lose!

113.6 Repairs to systems, components and materials . Repair of residential building components, systems and materials or building components not otherwise provided for in this section, shall not be required to meet the provisions for new construction, provided such work is done in accordance with the conditions of the existing approval in the same manner and arrangement as was in the existing system, is not less safe than when originally installed and is approved

Mr. Parks I believe You may be the only one in the state of Ohio that values Your opinion. You sir are a danger to newer inspectors starting out who actually may listen to some of the crazy things You post. Most of which have nothing to do with home inspections.


What is dangerous is them inspecting electrical installations in violation of Ohio law.

What they should do is talk to their legal counsel about this!

Read this again… What you posted has nothing to do with the subject at hand…
“Show me which section it says that the grounded and grounding conductors can be on the same busbar lug.”

I did. Maybe you should attend the code academy so that you can become educated on the facts. Ohio’s code is based off of the ICC codes. My training comes from ICC instructors.

You apparently don’t understand existing installation and the code. That’s why in Ohio you can only comment :
“However, if a person holds them self out as a home inspector and offers to perform an inspection of the home and its systems but indicates that they will issue a report indicating the state of function, operation or relative hazards, but not refer to code compliance, they would not be in violation of this law.”

The above example is not included in this opinion from the board.

I explained this to Mark Roe back in 2007 and he didn’t believe me and contacted the state. Read it here:

This is pretty much all you need to know about this scam artist


The scam is representing that you are competent to perform electrical inspections